“OMG. I could never do a detox during the holidays!”

This was a comment I recently heard from someone who could not imagine themselves ever doing a cleanse during the holidays. Truthfully, it would have been my thought a few years ago. Since then, I have learned that sometimes that is the perfect time to embark on a cleanse. And no, it’s not because I have a masochistic streak. Here are 5 top reasons that make it a smart choice.

Permission Granted
When I’ve been on a cleanse during the holidays or when traveling, it is typically with the intention of balancing my indulgences, not of doing it perfectly. What you’ll find when you give yourself permission, it becomes easier to pick and choose. Sometimes being less restrictive creates more willingness to eat to plan. You know…that “you can’t tell me what to do!” side? That inner rebel can create pushback. So rather than attempting to do 14 days of perfection, I encourage you to set an intention, create a plan that works for you, and give yourself a little grace.

Less Overeating
Along with giving yourself permission, by staying focused on what you’re up to, you may actually find you want LESS treats. Part of that is the mindfulness aspect of intention setting. And part of it is simply because you’re getting good, nutrient dense foods into your body the majority of the time. That keeps your blood sugars balanced out. It helps reduce cravings, making it easier to skip that 2nd piece of dessert. That, too,  goes back to setting an intention and creating a plan for yourself. If you know ahead of time which events you know you’ll be enjoying the homemade goodies, you can plan accordingly. Pick and choose. Some helpful tips I share with clients each year:

  • Choose a number of desserts you’ll savor at any given event (and/or a size…pie slices are much bigger than a Mexican wedding cookie.)
  • Cruise the dessert table before even taking a plate. That way you can choose which ones youwant to treat yourself to before you start loading up your plate.
  • Use a small desert plate. If one isn’t available, put your napkin over 1/2 your plate. And be sure to stick to the “1 layer rule.” (It defeats the purpose of a small plate if it’s piled with 10 layers of desserts, right?!)

Create Emotional Stability
Eating healthy foods can help keep your emotions in balance and your brain clear. That equips you to handle any stresses of the season with a little more grace. Being less frantic lets you put your focus on what’s most important to you rather than getting caught up in the franticness that seems to be pervasive in our culture.

Brings Ease to your Season
Having the right tools and support, detoxing during the holidays can actually make the season LESS stressful. Because now, you have a plan! Having everything laid out for you, shopping lists in hand, meal prep simplified and suddenly it opens up time to do the myriad other things that have found their way onto your calendar.

Foundation of Long-term Habits
By creating the balance between healthy foods and enjoying seasonal goodies (including Grandma’s Sugar Cookies and maybe some pecan pie), you begin to create the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about going through life suffering through dieting and deprivation, it’s about creating healthy habits. I like to follow the 80-20 rule to help me discern what that needs to look like for myself. And if you can manage to figure it out now while surrounded by sugary treats, then sister, you have got this! Just think how easy peasy your New Years will seem!


As you can see, setting an intention and having a plan in place are key. It’s one of the reasons I love the seasonal cleanses I offer. Clients consistently report that the suggested plan is easy to follow, the recipes are amazing so there’s no feelings of deprivation and best of all, they get the results they desire. You can too. Even during the holidays!