Daniel Gray Bear

At the age of 6, my grandfather, a medicine person in the Mescalero Apache Nation, told me of his vision, that I would go out into the world to collect the medicines (different spiritual teachings) and bring them home to the people. 

After studying many religious practices and spiritual teachings across the globe, I returned home to my Native roots and have followed the Lakota teachings for the past 30 years.

My Process

Using the gifts I was born with and the medicines I’ve been gifted, I work with clients who have a desire to let go of the past and create a life of freedom. This work all comes back to Walking the Medicine Wheel, which is simply a tool to understand what behaviors, beliefs or habits are no longer serving you and how to create something different for yourself.

1. Private Coaching

Dissatisfaction. It’s at the core of what has brought most clients to my door, whether it’s dissatisfaction in their career, relationships or life in general. Imagine having a dream, a desire to have a life you love, that inspires you so you can in turn inspire others. But what if life hasn’t unfolded the way you expected, or worse, throws you a curve ball? What then?

It all starts with your relationship with yourself.

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What if you could make peace with your childhood and create the best relationship ever—with yourself. What would be possible? Carrying old beliefs, traumas, or patterns robs you of joy and vitality. It can cause physical pain and disease, breakdown in relationships, depression. But when you release those patterns and create new beliefs, you begin to heal, to build confidence and regain a sense of balance and harmony.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the past few decades, I have come to realize that no matter your goals, dreams or desires, it is being in right relationship with yourself that is the key to reaching them and feeling fulfilled when you do.

Private coaching is for you if:

  • You have a desire to experience more peace, love, joy and confidence
  • You want a coach/mentor who will tell you the truth, with compassion
  • You’re ready to dig in and get to work creating the life you desire
  • You have intuitive/spiritual gifts that you’d like to understand better (and even hone)
  • It feels like something is missing in life and you’re ready to discover what it is (and go after it!)

Private coaching is not for you if:

  • You’re happy with status quo
  • You want to hold tight to old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Making excuses is more important to you than your goals, dreams and desires

Private coaching takes place over the course of 4 months, with 2-4 calls each month. One thing to be aware of is sessions with me are not timed. We go until you’re done. (Trust me, I’ll know.) That may mean your calls are 40 minutes, or they may be 2 hours. Healing isn’t done on a time clock. Private clients also receive a Personal Energy Audit (see below) included in their program.

Your investment is $2400. (Automatic monthly payments can be set up.)
To make certain it is a right fit for both of us, we will do a one-time session ($200 USD). If at the end of that call we both decide it is a fit and you choose to move forward, that payment will be applied to your program. To book your session, simply click the button below.

2. House and Land Clearing/Blessing

Just like our bodies need the occasional detox, so might our homes. Negative energies from past owners, daily interpersonal interactions or  emotional events in life can muck up the energy of your home. In some instances, spirits that are attached either to you or the home may be cause energy to feel “off.”

Understanding what is happening is key, so whether you are looking to have your home simply “cleaned” and blessed or if you believe you are being visited by unwanted spirits, the first step is for us to do a consult so I can begin to discern what is truly needed to resolve the issue and bring your home back into harmony. Please email me the details of what you’ve been experiencing and we will respond within 48 hours to set up a consult.

Bear is Magic

The side-effects of working with Bear & Naomi are my favorite part. Sure, I feel better after our sessions. I’m more confident. I have greater clarity around whatever the problem was. I get to experience their magnificence during the session. However all of this pales in comparison to the SIDE EFFECTS!
It’s been 36 hours since our session + not only are the original aches that Bear discovered during the session gone but the constant pain that I’ve been having in my mid-back is pretty much gone…
I go to Naomi or Bear for guidance with some emotional, spiritual or parenting matter and, without fail, my body changes.

Lila Sage, Healing Artist

Gratitude and Appreciation

My time working with Bear was pivotal for the relationships in my life – with my family, my friends, and my partners.  He helped me figure out not just what I wanted in life, but how to go about figuring that out so that I can continually do it as my life ebbs and flows. He never gave me the answers but guided me in finding them myself.  He taught me to believe in myself and to become aware of the infinite choices I have. 

Over a decade after meeting Bear, I still feel the greatest sense of gratitude for the gifts he has given me that have launched my life and my relationships forward, for these gifts are gifts that I use every day.  I was able to leave a bad marriage in a good way so that rather than regret or resentment I feel gratitude, and using those lessons I have now found a relationship with a wonderful, supportive man. 

I have made long-distance moves to new places where I didn’t know a soul and experienced great adventures.  I have launched a successful career and gone to graduate school.  But perhaps most important, and in between all that, there are the many small moments in daily life that I know I wouldn’t appreciate with the same sense of curiosity, anticipation or joy had I never met Bear.

Esther H.

Spiritual Renewal

Working with Bear, I developed a deeper understanding and importance of my own spiritual life. Bear
taught me how to listen more carefully and compassionately to my own sense of
calling, spiritual renewal and connection with nature.

Matt M., LMFT

In the know…

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