Spring is bursting forth with amazing color all around me here in Southern California. Me? I’ve been feeling flat. How can this be when there’s SO MUCH LIFE all around?

It isn’t that I haven’t been feeling the energy of nature building up. I have. It’s has become clear where finding or creating balance is needed in my own life. The things that used to bring me joy are either nonexistent or  have been shoved into nooks and crannies, waiting for “someday” to get back to them.

I believe with every fiber of my being that we each have it in us to thrive. I do. You do. All it takes is a willingness to put the key in and unlock all the healing, all the energy, all the everything. It’s all there.

It can be easy to get caught up in today’s culture where busy-ness is expected, almost revered. But rather than feeling that bursting energy of spring, there’s a feeling of overwhelm, of flatness, of exhaustion.

That’s where I found myself a few weeks ago. I had a major meltdown, which I shared with my Seasonal Eating 101 FB community. (I actually told them I quit.)

As I sat, crumpled on the floor, a hot mess to say the least, inside there was a knowing that things needed to change. And not a few things, not little things. BIG things. Honestly, it scared the crap out of me, hearing that little voice. One, because I knew it was true, it was time. And two, because it means I am being called to put my money where my mouth is on an even bigger scale.

The part of me that likes being comfortable, that doesn’t mind working but honestly doesn’t want to have to work TOO hard was in total freak out mode.

That afternoon I had an energy session with my beautiful friend Lila Simmons. As she was doing her thing  (what I call freakin’ magic), she stopped and asked if I was open to hearing what she was picking up. Having a desire to lean in to what was going on for me, I of course said “yes!”

Then the craziest thing happened. She shared with me almost word for word what had gone through my head in the middle of my meltdown. It boiled down to this:

It is time. Time to take care of you. On a deeper level. Step back from busy-ness, and yes, even your business. Put the focus where it needs to be, on healing. Healing the physical. Nurturing your spirit. Getting back to those things that are in alignment with your values, that help you feel whole.

To say I had a moment of “who has time for that?” is probably an understatement. But it resonated on such a profoundly deep level that I knew–KNEW–it had to happen for things to be right in my world. I had to find a way to make this work.

Being in the midst of rebranding (if you hadn’t noticed, a lot of things went missing from our site…that’s by design) well, that didn’t seem like the smartest time to step back or slow down.

Yet what I have learned over the past 10 years in the wellness field is that sometimes plowing through is incredibly counter productive. But when that’s become your norm, what do you do?

You do what will help you get back to center. For me, that meant going public with this, as it brings built in accountability. And embarking on a journey. A journey of commitment and introspection, and also one of action. Intentional action. It calls me to strip away those things that are no longer in alignment, that are clogging up my time and my energy.

How in the world was I supposed to do all that and stick with it? What better way than to take myself through my own program. And to really step into consistency and step up required me to be willing to lead others.

“100 Days to Healthy” was born.

If all things lined up for you to create your idea of your perfect healthy lifestyle in 100 days, what would it include?

  • Weight loss?
  • Run a 5k?
  • More “me” time?
  • A consistent workout routine?
  • Master the art of meditation?

What goals, behaviors or achievements would YOU be celebrating on day 101?

If you have a “someday” list or are kicking yourself because those New Year’s Resolutions fell by the wayside already, what if in 100 Days you could go from “ugh!” to “Oh hell yea!”

For me, Sunday is “someday”. Because those things listed above? They’re mine.

How about you? What will YOU create in 100 days?
Doors are open until March 29, if you are ready for “someday” to be today. Simply register here.

Harnessing the power of spring’s energy of renewal, I am ready. Let’s do this!