Are you getting sucked into all the “New Year, New You” hype?

If you’re *trying* to set audacious goals and it feels a bit overwhelming, it’s ok. Take a breath. Step back.

This time of year I’m often in the mode to pull from the depths all the things I want to create. There’s an excitement about putting up a brand new shiny calendar, right?

For some, that doesn’t happen. And trying to force it is an exercise in frustration at best. At worst, you end up with goals that feel more like anchors than like inspiration, or that simply aren’t truly in alignment with what you’re going after.

The deeper I go into living with seasonal energies, the more I’ve come to realize that (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway) this crazy hit-the gym-hard-eat-nothing-but-salads thing that happens when Jan 2 rolls around is counter what nature is asking of us.

While we’ve passed the Solstice and our days are slowly getting a tiny bit longer, nature calls us to continue the journey inward for now. It’s a time of hibernation, of preparing for the spring. The energy is stillness, not crazy explosive activity.

You want to stay healthy in the new year? Take care of yourself. If you’ve been going to the gym all along, great. If not, don’t suddenly jump into a 6 day/wk routine. (Yes, that’s coming from the former personal trainer who lived in–and for–the gym.)

Can January 1 provide the space for a “new you”? Yes. As can EVERY day.
Every day we get to choose. Am I honoring myself, my body, my spirit with my choices? Am I living what I desire? Am I aligned with what I say I’m up to?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the marketing, feeling like you *should* be charging forward, full steam ahead. And if that feels like pushing a boulder up hill, you’re not alone. And know there’s nothing wrong with you. Perhaps this is your time to simply go more with the flow of nature.

For like nature, right now is the time when we go deep, to that essence of who we are. Spend some time journaling and reflecting on what you’re wanting to create. Dig in deep and explore what is waiting to be birthed with the arrival of spring.

There is definitely something about the blank slate-ness of the new calendar and new year that can be exciting. If you choose to follow the calendar, use it to your benefit. Skip the hype, listen to your heart and that still, quiet voice.

Because you are a new you, every day.

Welcome to your new year…whatever day you read this!


How can you harness this potent power the stillness of winter provides to set your goals to avoid getting buried in the hype of the “New Year, New You”?