This year, as I have for the past few years, I spent time on what I want 2018 to hold. What do I want to embody and create? What energy do I want bring to what I do? What theme or word will guide my year?

As I sat with this, the theme and feeling that came up was this year is sponsored by the letter F. Yep. The energetic theme for my year will be driven by the F word. Three of them, actually: Fierce, Feminine, FUN.

That’s my intention for the year, to infuse my business and life with these energies, to embody each of these aspects.

And then there’s the word. What would be my one word that would be my North Star, my measuring stick for the year. During my mediation on this, the word that came through was Silence.

Wait. What? Silence?

I’m. A. Coach. And speaker.

I was having a hard time seeing how in the world that could possibly be my word for the year. This year is about increasing visibility, making an even bigger impact and fulfilling my mission. How in the world can any of that happen if SILENCE is my jam?

Reading what Osho has to say on Silence really hit me, “Now is the time to come home to yourself.”

Silence is simply the vehicle to knowing oneself, trusting inner wisdom, being comfortable in your own skin. Really being at home with and embracing who you are, light and shadow.

Now it makes more sense.

I was talking with a friend (fellow coach and healer) about this particular word coming up as my word for the year. Her reaction was a bit different, and equally profound.

…my fears
…my old habits
…my mind
…the naysayers

In putting all the pieces together, my theme, my goals and my word, it was like a beautiful puzzle coming together to support all I am up to this year. Goals met, impact made, mission fulfilled. Fierce, feminine fun and a healthy dose of Silence.

What about you? Do you choose a word or theme for the year? Share it in the comments!